Nike Plus Mini Screensaver

Your tiny running partner as screensaver


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If you are one of the iPod users who also have the Nike kit and try to keep on fit by running everyday or simply sometimes, you'll have realized that Nike Plus now offer a new service and it's called My Nike Mini.

My Nike Mini is like an avatar that does what you do, it means that when you run a lot he is happy and congratulate you, it dances, jump and shout, but if you are weeks without going running he goes sleeping.

enter your Nike Plus account and create your My Nike Mini and share your workouts and results with your friends and in Facebook, but now you can also set it as screensaver thank to this screensaver we offer you.

Although in the Nike website tells you an special ID, it won't work, when asked to enter it, you'll have to type your Nike ID name to see your Nike Mini protecting your screen while you are not using the computer.


The new version features data about your total distance, last run, average speed,... and it offers more backgrounds.

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